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What performs best for asset managers on social media

Videos are out on top

The content shared by asset managers on social media not only directly informs investors’ decision-making it also enables lead generation, improves brand awareness, and forms authentic client relationships. In fact, 86% of investors consult a finance brand or executive’s social media channels when evaluating a current or prospective investment. It’s important your asset management firm understands competitors’ social media and the channels where investors are engaging with content the most. So, what performs best for asset managers on social media?

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Asset managers on social media: what they need to know

While 98% of investors use social platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter to inform investment decisions on a weekly basis, it’s actually YouTube that garners the most engagement from investors. This indicates investors want short form and informative video content that both educates them on the basics of investing as well as more complex subject matter like market commentary.

While 98% of investors use LinkedIn and Twitter to inform investment decisions on a weekly basis, YouTube garners the highest engagement.

With over half of buyers performing their research online, digital marketing has never been more important for asset managers on social media. Ensuring the content you share on social media is tailored to what your investor audience wants is critical to ensuring you generate and nurture meaningful leads, improve connections with clients, and increase brand recall. Ensuring your content marketing strategy reflects both the content investors want and the platforms investors use, can provide your asset management firm with a competitive edge.


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