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What Wordle can teach finance brands

Viral sensation

Since its inception in October 2021, Wordle has held a global audience captive with more than 300,000 people playing the game daily. It’s a relatively simple game, with people having six chances to guess a secret word 5 letter word correctly each day. Yet, it’s this simplicity finance brands can learn from. The success of Wordle highlights three key areas of marketing where finance brands can improve to capture an active audience and maintain long-term interest. So, what are they and how can your finance brand incorporate them into your financial marketing strategy?


Gamifying the user experience isn’t about making your digital platforms feel like playing an Xbox. Instead, gamifying the user experience is about making the platform fun, engaging and interactive. Ways to gamify the user experience could include:

  • Leaderboards
  • Points
  • Missions and objectives
  • Sounds and illustrations
  • Avatars
  • Performance markers
  • Rankings
  • Progress bars
  • Story elements

Adding game elements into your digital platforms should incentivise users and make them feel rewarded for utilising your services. By making your digital platforms interactive and engaging, your finance brand can gain a competitive edge and maintain an interested audience. In fact, using gamification can help a company increase customer interactions by 40%.

Universally accessible content

Gamification can help a company increase customer interactions by 40%.

What makes Wordle such a smash hit, is it’s universally accessible for people around the world. While finance brands may not be catering their content to a global audience, catering to the diversity of consumers will not only make their customer experience easier, it can foster loyalty and improve brand awareness.

An inclusive design is the cornerstone of universally accessible content. With around 15% of the globe living with a disability and 1 billion people having English as a second language, your finance brand’s digital platforms must cater to everyone’s unique needs. Some inclusive design practices your finance brand can incorporate include:

  • Text-to-speech
  • Translated digital experiences
  • Plain language
  • Not utilising colours to signify actions
  • Large buttons that are distinctive and operate logically
  • Readable fonts that can be magnified

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Just like how universal accessibility has helped Wordle become so successful, an inclusive design can help your finance brand foster strong consumer connections. In fact, new research has revealed inclusive design can expand customer reach fourfold, highlighting how catering to the needs of every customer can improve brand loyalty and customer acquisition.

Automated always-on content program

The best aspect about Wordle is each day fans can return to the website to access a fresh, new secret word to solve. Your finance brand’s content should be similar. You should employ an automated always-on content program to successfully nurture leads and funnel clients through the customer acquisition tunnel.

An always-on content program has no end-date. Instead, an always-on content program provides your finance brand with an ongoing presence across multiple distribution channels. Your content should take the form of a variety of different mediums such as short and long form articles, infographics, videos, podcasts and any other content your target audience is interested in.

Automating your always-on content program can be a game changer for your finance brand by making it easier to get your content across to audiences seamlessly. In fact, 80% of marketers report an increase in leads due to automation and 76% of marketers see a positive ROI within a year.

The secrets of Wordle

While Wordle is very different to your finance brands content strategy, there are several core elements you can learn to improve. From gamifying your user experience to ensuring universal accessibility, it’s important you place your consumers needs at the forefront of your content strategy.

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