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How First National Bank’s eStore is changing the game

Mimicking retail giants

Who says an old dog can’t learn new tricks? US bank First National Bank (FNB) has unveiled a new mobile eStore within their app that rivals that of fintechs in its ingenuity and success. Mimicking behaviour by retail giants like Amazon and Target, the eStore allows FNB’s product offerings to be displayed like a shop’s gift card display, making it easy to select the right service for users. Creating a user-friendly design, in conjunction with fun and educational content, has been highly successful. In fact, more than 61% of FNB’s home loan applications are now submitted digitally and FNB’s app transaction options now surpass their online banking. So, what can your finance brand learn from this new style of marketing?

eStore enters banking

While the eStore initially lived exclusively on FNB’s website, they have now integrated it within their app, empowering clients to use FNB like a neobank if that’s their preference. FNB has approached its mobile app and website in a similar way to how retail giants operate. By integrating retail features users can easily navigate and locate the products and services they require. The retail features they have integrated include:

  • Shopping cart
  • Checkout process
  • Filtering of products
  • Account selection tools
  • Comparison tools
  • FNB has further streamlined the acquisition process and made it easier to access help and support at all stages of the loan and checking process. By providing easy access to financial experts through the mobile app and eStore, FNB can nurture leads and personalise its service.

    FNB’s app transaction options now surpass their online banking.

    Vincent J. Delie, Jr., Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of F.N.B. Corporation and First National Bank explains, “We combine the latest industry technology with personalized service so that customers can access the tools, information and consultation they need, whether they are in a FNB branch or are using an online or mobile device.”

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    Making banking easier

    Why this feature has become so successful isn’t simply because it’s user-friendly and easy to navigate. FNB has also combined it with great finance content that’s both fun and educational.

    In their knowledge center, FNB has segmented their information to tailor it to different audiences. This type of content hub is effective in ensuring content is targeted at specific audiences, while remaining easy to navigate for users. With a mixture of blog content that is easy to understand, infographics and short engaging videos, FNB has varied the style of content helping to keep it fun and fresh.

    By providing extensive educational content that is easy to access alongside FNB’s eStore, users can easily select and apply for the banking product that’s right for them.

    Takeaways from First National Bank’s eStore

    FNB’s eStore has made banking easier by integrating a customer-centric design that’s familiar to users into their mobile app and website. By combining educational content that’s designed for the everyday consumer with easy-to-use banking navigation tools, FNB has found a winning formula that helps nurture leads and convert clients.

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