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Digital marketing trends in the APAC region

CX design takes the cake

Understanding key digital marketing trends in the Asia Pacific region is important for finance brands to find areas of growth and opportunity. For most of the APAC region, digital marketing trends are focused on CX design and improving the overall customer experience. Research by Adobe and Econsultancy has identified that brands classified as CX leaders are 3x more likely than their peers to have significantly exceeded their business goals. So, what aspects of CX design can be improved and where are finance brands failing?

Digital marketing trends for APAC finance brands

In the report by Adobe and Econsultancy, there are three key digital marketing trends in the APAC region that finance brands should understand.

One in five (19%) of organisations in the APAC region said that CX is the most exciting opportunity for them.

    • CX design as a priority – One in five (19%) of organisations in the APAC region said that CX is the most exciting opportunity for them. With 73% of consumers saying a good CX design is key in influencing their brand loyalties, creating a great digital customer experience should be a strategic priority for APAC finance brands.
    • CX design maturity – APAC organisations are lagging behind their global counterparts when it comes to CX design and the overall customer experience. In fact, only 7% of businesses in the APAC region said that they consider themselves ‘mature’ in customer experience, compared to 12% in North America and 11% globally. With 75% of customer loyalty driven by CX, improving your finance brand’s CX design offers an opportunity to gain a competitive edge.
    • CX design investment – Investment in CX technology is set to increase significantly across the next few years in the APAC region in an effort to catch up to global counterpart. In fact, 57% of organisations in the region reveal they are likely to increase their investment in CX-related technology, compared to 47% of companies across the rest of the world. If your finance brand hasn’t yet created a plan to improve CX design, it’s time to start.
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How to create a great CX design

CX design is all about catering to what your customers want. Understanding the customer journey is vital to getting your CX right. There are five key areas that are important to get right, if you want to nail your finance brand’s CX:

  • Reachability – It should be easy to find and interact with your finance brand, whether that’s your website or social media channels. If leads can’t find you, how do you expect to convert them?
  • Convenience – It should be easy and convenient to not only purchase from your site or mobile app but to also get in contact with your customer service team.
  • Personalisation – Consumers want personalisation. Ensuring your website, digital app and all communications are personalised with tailored product offerings, insights and key information.
  • Ease-of-use – At the heart of great CX design is that every channel you have, whether it’s a website or digital app, is easy to use. This means ensuring your website is not only accessible on a desktop but it’s also mobile-friendly.
  • Omnichannel approach – Key customer data should be transferable across all digital channels. This means the customer journey shouldn’t get lost if they transfer from your digital app to the desktop website.

Key takeaways for APAC finance brands

At the end of the day, these digital marketing trends indicate a clear need for APAC finance brands to focus on creating a great CX design. With CX design becoming a key area of competition for finance brands, there’s never been a better time to improve it.

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