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The ins and outs of integrated digital marketing

Be seen across all channels

Integrated digital marketing can strengthen your customer acquisition strategy by creating a cohesive approach to generating leads and converting clients. Today, consumers are not interacting with your finance brand via one channel. Instead, how consumers engage with your finance brand is fragmented across multiple channels. This can make it difficult for your finance brand to make a lasting impact and nurture leads if you haven’t yet implemented an integrated digital marketing strategy. Here we explain how your finance brand can nail it.

Everything you need to know about integrated digital marketing

With 70% of digital marketers lacking a consistent or integrated digital marketing strategy, it’s an opportunity for your finance brand to gain a competitive edge.

An integrated digital marketing strategy utilises an omnichannel and multimedia approach in creating and distributing financial content. With 70% of digital marketers lacking a consistent or integrated digital marketing strategy, it’s an opportunity for your finance brand to gain a competitive edge.

Digital marketing is important for your finance brand to implement so as to build meaningful relationships with clients and improve brand awareness. With consumer journeys fragmented across multiple communication channels, you don’t want potential leads to be lost in the milieu. When done right, an integrated digital marketing strategy can ensure your finance brand nurtures leads no matter where your client interacts with your brand.

How to create a successful strategy

To create a successful integrated digital marketing strategy, you need to understand your consumers intimately. Utilise data across your communications channels, to track and analyse your client’s journey. From there, you can build a detailed and comprehensive digital marketing strategy that’s tailored to your specific audience base.

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Here are some tips for creating a successful integrated marketing strategy:

  • Identify the number of visitors that are visiting your website on mobile or desktop. Ensure your website is mobile-friendly and caters to people not only finding you via search engine results but also social media channels.
  • Recognise your target audience on each different social media channel (For example, often LinkedIn will have a much different audience than Instagram). Create tailored content that not only aligns with the right content format but also provides value-driven information specific to your target audience.
  • Understand what channels you’re generating the most leads from. Are you gaining more leads from social media or search engine results? Once you identify this, you can begin to plan a marketing content strategy that succeeds.
  • Look for trends in your data. The best part about customer relationships moving online is that you have more data at your fingertips than ever before. Begin to identify what content makes your audience click or remain on your website.
  • Ask your clients how they found your finance brand and what channels they saw your content. Speaking to clients can help offer you a better perspective on the customer journey and inform your marketing decision-making in the future.

At the end of the day, to nurture leads, convert clients and maintain retention you need to be creating an authentic relationship with your audience. You need to ensure that everywhere a consumer interacts with your finance brand is a positive one. An integrated digital marketing strategy can ensure your finance brand doesn’t lose connection with potential clients.

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