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Should your finance brand be on Twitter?

Tweet, tweet

Twitter is one of the most used social media platforms for finance brands with banks using Twitter more than Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn. However, is it the best social media platform for your finance brand and what content performs best?

Is Twitter right for your finance brand?

Twitter users have a 22% higher interest in financial services topics than general internet users.

Today, finance brands need to have a social media presence in order to generate engagement, nurture leads and convert clients. Social media platforms make it easy to educate, inform and grow brand awareness through sharing regular financial content.

With most finance brands on Twitter, if you’re not on it you’re losing out to the competition that is. The latest research shows that its users have a 22% higher interest in financial services topics than general internet users and with it having over 329 million monthly active users (set to increase to 340 million by 2024) to reach new clients you need to be on the platform.

As The Dubs’ Social Media Strategist, Tara Cimino, explains, “It is essential for finance brands that are looking to provide the best content to clients to keep up with the latest financial trends. Considering some of the biggest names in finance regularly take to Twitter with updates, this platform is a great way to stay on top of the latest news, topics and trends.”

Getting Twitter content right

Twitter is an ideal platform to share a variety of content. In fact, you should share a wide assortment of content formats to ensure your marketing remains fresh and engaging.

Twitter is the perfect social media platform for:

  • Sharing news
  • Building PR
  • Sourcing influencers
  • Responding to events in real-time

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The real-time nature of it means you should be sharing topical information, articles and content as it happens. This could be for things such as market insights.

In addition, it’s a great platform to share short-form videos and infographic content. This style of content is perfect to use to share easily digestible educational content. This content is not only engaging but also will help your finance brand create

3 things finance brands are doing wrong

Overall, finance brand content is focused on a few core areas: education, topical information and corporate communications. To engage an audience and attract new leads, it’s important you have a diverse array of content being shared daily.

To create a strong Twitter content strategy it’s important you don’t:

  • Forget about analysing the data metrics
  • Only post one format of content
  • Create boring content that doesn’t foster engagement

Overall, Twitter is an excellent place for your finance brand to share and distribute your content.

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