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The benefits of content marketing for asset managers

A worthy investment

Content marketing should be a part of every asset manager’s marketing strategy. Not only can it help nurture leads but it can build brand awareness, improve trust and convert clients. Yet, a study by Murray Dare found that 70% of asset managers have little to no content or content marketing strategy. Here we explain the benefits of content marketing and the asset managers doing it well.

Content marketing for asset managers

Content marketing can benefit asset managers in several ways. According to HubSpot, “Consistent, high-quality, and engaging content impacts audience decision-making more than any other technique.”

Given asset management firms generally produce sophisticated research and insights papers for its own purposes and for clients, your firm may already have an impressive bank of content that’s able to be repurposed for content marketing material.

Consistent, high-quality, and engaging content impacts audience decision-making more than any other technique. – HubSpot

For asset managers, building a relationship with your clients is important to foster loyalty and brand trust – two things that are critical to your brand’s longevity and success. Content marketing can improve this as it enables you to engage with clients directly and offer them valuable information in a timely manner. Adopting an always-on marketing approach is a surefire way to build that connection with your audience and become a brand they look to for trusted information.

Content marketing shouldn’t be an afterthought. Instead, your asset management firm should take a targeted and strategic approach in order to see the benefits. For B2B marketers globally, content marketing makes up around 26% of their overall budget indicating it’s a priority for businesses in all industries.

Some benefits of content marketing for your asset management firm:

  • Foster a positive brand image
  • Increase engagement
  • Improve lead generation
  • Become a trusted brand
  • Improve conversions
  • Strengthen your SEO strategy
  • Increase brand awareness and foster loyalty

Building trust through content marketing

One of the main benefits of content marketing for asset managers is its ability to build trust and loyalty. According to findings by Edelman Trust Barometer, while trust has increased in the financial sector in Australia there still remains large trust inequality (AKA trust in the informed population is high but low in the uninformed population). In the UK and USA, trust in business has continued to decline.

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According to Edelman however, good, high-quality information is “now the most powerful trust builder across institutions”. Content is key to building and improving trust among clients and stakeholders. Providing transparent information that’s educational, easy to understand and value-driven will help your asset management firm maintain loyalty.

Asset managers leading the charge

Aviva Investors

Aviva Investors’ high-quality editorial content supported by its strong distribution channels – LinkedIn and Twitter – highlights how asset managers can do content marketing effectively.

Adopting an always-on content strategy approach, Aviva Investors shares long-form and short-form editorial and audio content on its website to provide insights into the investment landscape alongside timely and important information that stakeholders and clients require.

In combination with the editorial content, Aviva also delivers its annual ‘Little Book of Data’. This is published yearly and is a coffee table book of over 120 pages displaying data in a visually stunning way.

Aviva’s social media presence combines short-form videos and imagery with informative post copy that captures the attention of users while supplying them with important data.


Vanguard Group is leading the charge in offering a diverse range of content across multiple channels. From editorial to podcast content, Vanguard showcases how to achieve diversity in an asset manager’s content marketing strategy.

The best aspect of Vanguard’s online editorial content is it’s easy to digest and offers key information for every level of investor. On Instagram, Vanguard provides tailored content that appeals to a diverse range of investors, sharing infographics alongside short snippets from its podcast. On Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook content is targeted towards sharing longer-form articles, alongside short videos. This means content remains fresh, interesting and engaging for followers.

Finally, its podcast ‘The Expanding Universe of Choice’ provides conversations with experts about a range of investing topics in short 20-minute episodes. Expertly made, this podcast enables Vanguard to become a bigger authority in the industry, reach a greater investor audience and create a more ‘human’ connection with audiences.


Pictet showcases how to deliver a diverse range of editorial content for every type of investor. Its ‘perspectives’ section provides weekly market insights from the Chief Information Officer (CIO), alongside trending news stories that offer timely information on interesting topics.

Its editorial content is not only easy to understand, as it’s written simply and in plain English, but it’s also easy to navigate. The user experience is enjoyable helping to improve the average user’s session time.

To break up the written content, Pictet has also invested time and effort into producing high-quality short-form videos. These videos feature leading industry experts and offer insights into a broad range of global topics that may affect investments. With a high-production value, these videos are professional and engaging to watch.

Pictet shares both its editorial content and videos on LinkedIn regularly, while also providing insights into the company, such as industry awards and employee achievements. This offers a more ‘human’ side to the content program, helping to build connections while also sharing important information with investors.

This diversity in content and focus on delivering information that’s been written and produced by industry experts, highlights a great way asset managers can get their content marketing right.

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