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7 reasons for finance brands to start creating infographics

Explain complex information succinctly

Infographics should be a part of every finance brand’s content program. They can help distil complex financial information into easy-to-understand and engaging content that appeals to a wide range of consumers. Whether you’re an asset manager explaining current market trends or an insurance company explaining your new product, an infographic can elevate and improve your content. Here we explain why you should adopt infographics and how to nail them.

Infographics are king

At the end of the day, infographics work in providing engaging content that explains often complex information, simply. In fact, 90% of all information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals have been known to improve learning and retention by 400%. If your finance brand wants to provide educational content and boost understanding, infographics are a must.

90% of all information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals have been known to improve learning and retention by 400%.

Other than their educational benefits, infographics can help finance brands in several different areas including:

  • Brand awareness – Visual content is easily recognisable and memorable, helping to boost brand awareness. In fact, infographics can improve recognition and subsequent sales by close to 80%.
  • Improve engagement – Infographics are easy to share and visually engaging, helping to boost engagement across social channels.
  • Improve SEO – Visual content can help to improve SEO and organic search traffic. In fact, research has identified that content containing graphics or images can garner 94% more views compared to content without.

How to nail the infographic

Like with any content your finance brand produces, infographics must be centred on the end user. Consider what information they want and the best ways of explaining it so they easily understand it. At the core of it, a great infographic has to be useful to audiences and easy to comprehend.
The second consideration is ensuring you choose the correct layout and never mislead consumers through data distortion. The information in a graphic should flow easily and be simple enough to understand.

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Finally, an infographic is a visual piece of content so it should be appealing to look at. Choose colours that not only are a part of your finance brand’s branding but are aesthetically pleasing to audiences. Have fun and make sure your visual content is engaging by selecting the right typography, characteristics and design.

Key takeaways for financial marketers

Infographics can be a game changer for finance brands wanting to improve brand awareness and delineate complex information in a simple way. Ensure your visual content is easy to understand, visually appealing and useful.

Consumers want more educational content and infographics are a great way of delivering it. Not only are they suitable for website content they can also be repurposed across your different social channels.

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Ella Boyd
Having graduated with an English Literature degree, Ella understands the power of great words. With extensive experience in copywriting for a diverse range of businesses and executing marketing strategies for financial brands, Ella is an expert in crafting content that connects with customers. When not at work, Ella is running an ultramarathon, practicing her cycling skills for her triathlons or reading a book with a cup of tea.