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Financial marketer’s guide to insurance marketing

The ultimate marketing mix

Insurance marketing is a unique beast that not only requires financial marketers to educate consumers about the value and purpose of insurance products, but also explains the changing relevance and role of products across customers’ life cycles. Effective insurance marketing relies on brands having a clear strategy for how they will connect with a broad audience while at the same time addressing the nuanced needs of individual audience groups.

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A difficult mix to perfect, in our guide to insurance marketing we’ve compiled some of our top-performing insurance articles to help financial marketers achieve just that. We share examples of best-practice case studies, tips to guide insurance content creation, along with some of the tech and trends emerging in insurance marketing.

Let’s begin with some inspiration.

The ultimate insurance marketing case study

What other insurance marketing material leads with the headline ‘We suck sometimes’? From product through to marketing messages, Lemonade is one of a kind.

3 of the best insurance content campaigns

We’ve covered the ultimate insurance content case study, but now it’s time for some fresh ideas courtesy of leading global insurance companies.

Insurance content marketing strategy and execution

TAL’s brand message and ambition were clear – to celebrate and protect what matters most in this great Australian life with TAL’s life insurance and income protection.

Do webinars belong in your content mix?

Podcasts. Voice search. Featured snippets. Print magazines. Breaking news. With so many options to choose from when producing financial services content, how do you know what to go for — and what to skip over?


With so many options to choose from when producing financial services content, how do you know what to go for — and what to skip over?


How to maximise your finance content marketing budget

We look at the strategies finance brands of all sizes can use to stretch their finance content marketing budget.

Which peer-to-peer insurance models will survive?

Peer-to-peer insurance sounds brilliant in theory but the collapse of Guevara and others shows you need to get the market and the message right.

As financial services content marketing specialists we can help with everything from content strategy through to content production and social distribution for insurance brands globally, get in touch.

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Ale MIddleton
A traditionally trained journalist, Ale has spent the bulk of her career designing and executing content marketing strategies for organisations in the financial services, HR, and health and fitness industries. As well as driving strategies that deliver on business objectives, Ale can produce stand out print, digital and video content. A content marketer by day, Ale lives a decadent life as a bar and restaurant reviewer by night.