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The Financial Marketer’s guide to building trust

The benchmark is set

Without the trust of clients and customers, finance brands of any size will not survive. And while many finance brands have relied on customer complacency in place of loyalty, with new players disrupting the status quo and providing greater transparency and flexibility to customers than ever before, no brand can afford to rest on their laurels.

Far from there being a one-size-fits-all solution or a cookie-cutter approach, it needs to stem from the authentic, lived values of your finance brand. To offer some guidance and inspiration, let’s begin with the finance brands that have succeeded at earning their customers’ trust.

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What it takes to be one of the world’s most trusted banks

With customer trust becoming a rare commodity in the global banking world, we look at what has earnt the world’s most trusted banks this priceless accolade.

Finance content marketing campaigns that actually built trust

Going deeper to a campaign level, these finance brands were able to catch the coveted white whale through targeted finance content marketing.


These finance brands were able to catch the coveted white whale through targeted finance content marketing.


Why trust in financial services is on the rise

With research revealing trust in financial services is on the rise, we uncover why, delving into the content marketing strategies that are most effective in not only building trust, but maintaining it for the long-term.

BetaShares: a finance content marketing strategy that can be trusted

And finally, we leave you with this finance content marketing case study which details the approach BetaShares took to win the trust of customers.

Earning the trust of customers is no easy feat, requiring a strategic approach that’s built on authenticity. At The Dubs, we specialise in content strategy, production and social distribution for finance brands. Get in touch.

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