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The burning questions for financial marketers in 2020

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As we close the chapter on a tumultuous year of finance content marketing we look back at the articles most-read by financial marketers. These articles reflect the burning questions on the industry’s mind and the greatest impacts on finance content marketing in 2020.

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1. Is there a place for memes in finance content marketing?

We’re not kidding. Memes are worth considering in your finance content marketing mix, and there are already brands capitalising on the power of humour and wit.

2. Is TikTok the right fit for finance brands?

It’s the fastest growing social media platform of our day, but is it the right space for finance brands to play? Credible or cringeworthy? We help you decide.

3. COVID-19 the catalyst for change in finance content marketing

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, The Dubs founder Josh Frith talks about new ways for asset and wealth managers to reach investor audiences beyond traditional face-to-face events.

4. Finance content marketing campaigns that actually built trust

Rewrite your finance brand’s story and catch the coveted white whale – the trust of your customers – through targeted finance content marketing.

5. Top CEO LinkedIn profiles for finance brands for 2020

Two years on, we reveal the new contenders for the top CEO LinkedIn profiles for finance brands and unpack what sets their profiles apart.

We wish everyone a happy holidays and look forward to tackling the topics of most-interest to financial marketers in 2021.

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Ale MIddleton
A traditionally trained journalist, Ale has spent the bulk of her career designing and executing content marketing strategies for organisations in the financial services, HR, and health and fitness industries. As well as driving strategies that deliver on business objectives, Ale can produce stand out print, digital and video content. A content marketer by day, Ale lives a decadent life as a bar and restaurant reviewer by night.