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Why influencer marketing is more relevant than ever

Peer-to-peer connections

We all know that customers don’t like to be sold to and that the power of content marketing lies in your brand’s ability to deliver content that appeals to your audience’s needs before that of the business. Customers are looking to finance brands for content that’s useful, relevant and above all else trustworthy and authentic. Sceptical of brands looking to push their own agenda, finance brands need to first convince customers that the content they create is done so with their best interest at heart. 

With customers looking first and foremost to their family and peers to qualify the information they read and give them confidence in its source, the role an influencer can play as a relatable extension of your brand is more relevant than ever. With the FBIQ Financial Literacy Study reporting that 44% of 18-34 year olds list family/friends as the most trusted source of information, finance brands should be looking to the role an influencer can play to give your brand that peer-to-peer connection and build confidence in the intentions of your brand. Far from a new concept, influencer marketing is a well-trodden path that we’ve monitored the merits of over many years. 

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With 25 years experience in financial content marketing The Dubs has run countless successful influencer marketing campaigns, get in touch to learn how an influencer could serve as an extension of your brand. 

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Ale MIddleton
A traditionally trained journalist, Ale has spent the bulk of her career designing and executing content marketing strategies for organisations in the financial services, HR, and health and fitness industries. As well as driving strategies that deliver on business objectives, Ale can produce stand out print, digital and video content. A content marketer by day, Ale lives a decadent life as a bar and restaurant reviewer by night.